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((Read this before posting ANYTHING in this sub-topic!))

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[LVPD] Chief of Police

911 Letter format:

((Now don't forget that this section is an in character letter which you have sent to the LVPD, meaning you wrote the letter adding either images or a tape in the envelope. Keep in mind that the more information the greater the chance of capture !


[b]Phone number:[/b]

[b]Incident:[/b] Please give a full detail of what happened.

[b]Suspect:[/b] If you know the culprits name, please fill it in; If not, please give a full detail of what he looked like.

[b]Other information:[/b] If you have any other information about the suspect, please give it here.

On an ending note if you are found to have lied in the 911 report by an OOC means of meta-gaming or power-gaming you WILL be punished.

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