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1Changelogs Empty Changelogs Tue Sep 28, 2010 1:52 am


Community Owner


- Deleted all pre-existing data
- Renamed all "LS"/"Los Santos" records to "LV"/"Las Venturas"
- Moved newbie spawn point to LV Airport
- Moved all official group HQs from LS to LV

- Fixed group properties
- /map checkpoints fixed
- College added
- Vehicle dealership added
- Miscellaneous businesses updated
- Updated LVFMD interior

- Overhauled the Police Department
- Replaced /gate with automatic gates
- Updated the RP tutorial and server tutorial
- Added public vehicles to notable areas

- Added map icons to official group HQs, businesses, job locations
- Added group vehicles to their respective HQs
- Moved /dropcar location
- Moved job locations
- Added circular icons for legal jobs
- Added icons for businesses

- Added vehicles to vehicle dealership
- Added more public cars
- Added houses, apartments and motels
- Completed all restaurants and 24/7 businesses
- Added fuel and engine system

- Fishing pier added (custom map)
- Display cars in the vehicle dealership added
- Trashmaster scripted in (only available for beta testers)
- Added in drug smuggler job (only available for beta testers)
- Added drug storage business (only available for beta testers)
- Added the ability to turn on and off vehicle lights and use the turning blinkers

- Vehicles at the fishing pier added
- Added custom mapping to the dealership, police department, highways and other hang-outs
- Added /showid system. You have to /buyid first at the City Hall
- Added licenses system. You can show it using /showid.
- Fishing cooldown fixed to 5 seconds each /fish.

- Church added (custom map).
- Marriage sytem added.
- Trash Collector job fully functional.
- Drug Smuggler and Pharmacies fully functional.
- Driver's License, Boating License, Pilot's License and Gun License added.
- Added /showlic system to show your licenses.
- Degrees system fixed in college.
- Different official faction members get more paychecks according to their ranks.
- /tune added for Mechanics with Mechanics degree.
- Any wheels are applicable for any modifiable vehicle.
- /(d)oor(s)hout and /knock added.
- Pool & Spa hang-out business added.
- Faction aircrafts added.
- LV Transport faction added.
- Taxis, Cabs, Buses and Limousines added at the LV Transport faction HQ.
- Changed the interior for Vehicle Dealership.
- Added BETA boat fishing.
- /ocarcolor goes up to 252.

- /map disabled. Use the new Map Application in the /phone instead.
- DMV setup.
- Perks system for VIP setup.
- VIP levels setup.

- Boat fishing system is working.
- Boat refueling system is working.
- Boats are now for sale at the boat docks.
- /call will now display the list of public service phone numbers.
- /boatfish is fully functional
- /sellfish fixed with the new pounds system (more $ when selling fish from boat fishing)
- (/g)roup added for group chat

- /maskon and /maskoff now work (having masks on will hide your name above your head and state you as "Stranger")
- Overhauled Trash Collector job to make it fully work

1.2 - current
- HUD updates (fancier)
- Re-colors of certain texts
- Fishing completely fixed
- Text will come up above your head when you say/do something
- Common internet shortcuts (eg. "lol") are now converted to a /me
- Holster system uploaded (for testers only)
- Lottery system added
- Paintball arena added, use the map to find it
- Only unofficial faction (gangs, mafias, etc.) members can /getmats now

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