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Mechanic Improvements,

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1Mechanic Improvements, Empty Mechanic Improvements, on Wed Oct 13, 2010 1:52 am


I'll just let everyone know I feel incredibly useless in the server right now because no one needs me. Razz

Suggestions! Right, mechanics can fix a car whenever they want, wherever, tires and all... that's a bit wrong. Repairs need to take more time the more extensive the damage is, replacing the tires if they're punctured could be another entirely different repair that's separate from repairing damage.

Mechanic workshops! Yeah, fun stuff. At workshops mechanics could install several modifications for someones car not just what's ingame so far.

Run-flat tire: After a tire is punctured the tire(s) are repaired for a limited amount of time or a fixed distance.

Window tint: Windows tinted to varying degrees to only allow recognition at a certain distance, legal limits should be made.

Any other ideas?

2Mechanic Improvements, Empty Re: Mechanic Improvements, on Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:49 am


Also maybe(not sure if they can already) but give them the option to tow cars, so say the PD needs a vehicle impounded they call a mechanic to come and pick the vehicle up and tow it to the PD. And it could allow the PD to just have a towing option in general if a bad MVA happens and neither vehicles involved can drive safely to a repair center.

They could also tow vehicles that have run out of gas, gotten a flat tire ect.

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