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Michael James [/q'ing to avoid arrest.]

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1Michael James [/q'ing to avoid arrest.] Empty Michael James [/q'ing to avoid arrest.] Fri Oct 15, 2010 6:20 am


[LVPD] Chief of Police

Your name: Frank Westwood
Offenders name: Michael James
Description of offence: He was on his way to be arrested and had protested in /b that we were MG'ing amongst other things, we then told him in /b that three people can witness he was out on foot running at which point we got his description. We then later caught and arrested him but were unable to arrest him because he /q'ed.
Time & date: 22:17 GMT 14th October 2010.
Michael James [/q'ing to avoid arrest.] Mi1dlg

The stuff he said before he /q'ed.

Michael James [/q'ing to avoid arrest.] 286z6mr

Stuff he said after the IG events to me in vent.

Ryan Capps and Powerhouse (forum name) both chased him on foot with me, Ryan was also present at the time of him /q'ing.


[LVPD] Chief of Police

He has also tried to say that it wasn't him who used the account which is clearly a lie proven by the statement in the SS, as he says "I died, and lost 30 min's of memory I wasn't even in game for 30 min's." this shows that it was him and that he was present at the time we tried to arrest him.


[LVPD] Chief of Police

Can L&A this as Blaze spoke with the individual giving him a warning.



He's no longer a player as far as I'm aware.

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