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[A8] - After Eight - [Unofficial Mob]

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[A8] - After Eight - [Unofficial Mob] Untitled_1

OOC Note; We are an American-European mob. We aim to enhance as many people's roleplay as we can, alongside bringing a new and excitable roleplay experience to Las Venturas Roleplay.

Joining this faction will not be the easiest, it may be some what easy to locate us, but being introduced to the real illegal side will take time, introducing you to the faction and all.

We strive to become one of the most realistic mobs, roleplaying to the best of our abilities. Good luck if you try to join and we hope to roleplay with you all some time soon.

[A8] - After Eight - [Unofficial Mob] Untitled_4

*The story takes place 3 years after Vivec's father, Xavier, and Vivec's three other brothers pass away. The family business is dying, and losing members. Only Vivec and his brother Frank reminan.*

The bright white lights of the jet black Cadillac illuminated the entire street, stretched out in front of it. Slowly, the Cadillac began to roll down the street, coming to a stop outside of a small apartment block situated on the corner of a broken down neighborhood. The two front doors opened, and two men dressed from head to toe in dark black clothes stepped out, adjusting the balaclavas covering their heads and faces accordingly. The four men walked around to the trunk of the Cadillac, pushing it upwards as they each grabbed one of the pump-action shotguns lying in the back. After closing the trunk, the two men approached the main building entrance of the apartment block, nodding to one another as they quickly kicked down the door and charged up the small flight of steps, up towards the apartment labeled; '17B.'

One of the men, who was stood in front of the other, turned back to the other man, rolling his black balaclava up to his forehead. His face conveyed a stern look, staring down the bridge of his nose at the other men. On the left side of his face was what appeared to be a long, dark scar, which continued from the side of his temple, down towards his nostrils. His name; Vivec Anderson. The surname Anderson would strike fear into any mans heart back in the 1970's, back then they used to run every operation in and out of Las Venturas. They could get you killed with a click of their fingers, and you could become a public enemy in a matter of seconds, all because of their word. However, times had changed in the past fourty years. Their decline had ended with them being stuck at the bottom of the crime world cesspool, and there reputation was withered down to a mere smudge on the chalk board. However, Vivec was determined to change that.

"We move in, we kill that fuck, and we get out. Don't go snooping around. I want this fast, and clean." Spoke Vivec, as he pulled back down his balaclava. The other man readied himself, shotguns aiming towards the door as Vivec rose his foot, then broke it through the center panel of the cheap wooden door as the duo ran inside. Shots echoed from the shotguns and a single other gun used by a other man as each of the men were met by a group who sat around a large poker table, who fell in blood as the men emptied the chambers of their shotguns, they watched as the six men around the center tables bodies flopped backwards onto the cold wooden floor, drowning in a puddle of their own blood. Only one shot was fired by the opposition, straight to the other man's stomach who was with Vivec.

A ceasefire spawned after the shotguns fell silent, each of the two mens' eyes circled around the cheap apartment room, which was now riddled with shotgun shells and stained with flesh and blood. In a quick hurry, they ran outside, the other man grasping his shot wound, sprinting down the steps as they exited back towards their black Cadillac that was idle in the center of the street. The wailing of sirens began to echo around them, drawing closer and closer as they started up the engine of the Cadillac.

A lone police helicopter hovered above them, it's spotlight illuminating the Cadillac as it sat previously in the dark night sky. The Cadillac quickly reversed into the darkness beneath the highway situated behind the apartments, spinning around into a hundred and eighty degree turn as it sped off onto the busy road located on the other side. The police helicopter closely followed, however the Cadillac had managed to blend in to the moving traffic of the busy main road, which was moving slowly.

Vivec turned to face the other man, pulling the balaclava off of his face as he threw it onto the dashboard ahead of him. He shook his head, biting the inside of his cheek as he talked. "That was the biggest fuck up I've ever witnessed in my life, Frank, what the fuck did you open fire for? You're fucking dying" Directed Vivec, to his brother who was driving, a gun wound in his stomach.

"Fuck you Vivec, I did what I was told." Replied Frank, sniffing as he did so... You told us to go in and shoot the bastard, the minute I saw more than one I opened fire. What if they got you too? Did you think of that?" Vivec turned back to face the windshield, sitting in silence as he held the shotgun on his lap. Frank refused to go to the hospital.

"We're never doing this again..., next time, we're doing it quieter. We almost got fucking gripped." The men were tight mean bastards, they'd do whatever needed to and kill anybody that opposed them in their decisions. That was until Frank passed away at his house that night... internal bleeding from the shot took him. But Vivec Anderson was fighting to get back on top, and hopefully, after this little hired job out on who they just killed, he'd be back on the straight-track to business and money.

[A8] - After Eight - [Unofficial Mob] Sadf

Tips For Joining

* Get an Engish Name.

* Don't come up to us and start saying "Hey, I'd like to join After Eight" because you'd most likely be told to bug off, or just get jumped.

* Get a decent enough skin to roleplay a mobster or maybe a businessman. Don't come along with a Ballas or Grove skin - It won't help or work out...

* Try to firstly get a job at our nightclub. We're trying to make Vice an actual business aside from our HQ. It's jobs will lead you to the faction.

* Try get to know the lower ranks, who will then introduce you to the higher ranks of the mob.

* Show that you can make money - If we see you making money, you might be invited to start working under someone.

If you are interested in joining, I advise you to firstly get yourself a job at our nightclub as I said, then eventually you'll be introduced to more people, and the illegal side of things. It may take some time, or also maybe it wont if you show something, but in the end, it's all going to be worth it.

[A8] - After Eight - [Unofficial Mob] Gallery1

The faction, continued and changed dramatically from my very old server will be residing in the same HQ as it did back then. Vice: Bar and Nightclub. (Shown Above.) The HQ will double as the faction's number one business, which will create roleplay, and a special secrecy not found anywhere else.

Vice: Bar and Nightclub
Click It!

[A8] - After Eight - [Unofficial Mob] Untitled_8

As a member of After Eight, you'll be required to follow a few OOC Rules in order to not only get the best out of the roleplay server itself, but to get the best roleplay from others aswell.

* Do NOT Powergame / Metagame / Non-RP / Rambo / Death Match / Fuck about.

* Keep /b to a minimum, do NOT Use it, unless the situation really requires it.

* Drive / Talk / Walk in a roleplay manner. Don't sprint or jog everywhere, since it's unrealistic.

* Stick to the age of your character - Roleplay that age!

* Keep active.

* Abide by each and every server rule aswell as each and every forum rule.

* Get screenshots for as many situations as you can - Then upload on to the thread.

* Roleplay to the best of your abilities.

[A8] - After Eight - [Unofficial Mob] Sdaf

Note: There will be a modpack put out for these and similar skins.

These are examples, but not requirements.

Wear whatever you'd like, or be whatever race.
[A8] - After Eight - [Unofficial Mob] Untitled_9

[A8] - After Eight - [Unofficial Mob] Untitled_11

[A8] - After Eight - [Unofficial Mob] Untitled_19

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thanks for reading!

Screenshots of our roleplay can be posted in this thread by anyone!

Suggestions for improvement or just comments are extremely welcome!

Check the advertisement section for the "VICE: Bar and Nightclub" topic!
It'll be including: Job Listings, Pricing, and Services.

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Nice job on the story. I'm looking forward for some rp with the faction.

3[A8] - After Eight - [Unofficial Mob] Empty Re: [A8] - After Eight - [Unofficial Mob] on Wed Nov 03, 2010 7:53 am


Thanks dude! You too, hopefully the two of us have some fun.

Update: New Banner

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A lot of effort put into the story, I can already tell this is going to be a great faction that will benefit to the roleplay. Good luck with this faction and also. Whe the roleplay improves in members I recommend you adding some type of Street Racing Syndicate to this faction, it will benefit.

5[A8] - After Eight - [Unofficial Mob] Empty Re: [A8] - After Eight - [Unofficial Mob] on Wed Nov 03, 2010 11:44 am


I don't really know about street racing with us.

A "What We Do" section will soon be added however, explaining exactly...well...what we do.

Thanks for the great comments.

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[LVPD] Chief of Police
Love the faction thread it screams perfection at the highest standard, I cant fault nor want to. I wish you and your faction the best of luck, I'm also hoping the role-play we encounter be extraordinary.

7[A8] - After Eight - [Unofficial Mob] Empty Re: [A8] - After Eight - [Unofficial Mob] on Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:03 am


Thanks, Frankie nubs.

EDIT: Story Background Update, Faction HQ Update in OOC Information.

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