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[OPEN] Unofficial Faction Leadership

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1[OPEN] Unofficial Faction Leadership Empty [OPEN] Unofficial Faction Leadership Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:15 pm


Community Owner

- Already have 5 (including leader) or more people that are ready to join the faction.
- Have more than 3 months in the SA-MP RP scene
- Have Ventrilo and a working microphone
- Speak fluent English
- Be able to go online not less than 3 days a week
- Have explored LV:RP to actually know the in-and-outs of it
- Registered a forum account

What you can do and what you will get:
- Faction HQ with interior (or if you don't want it, it's fine) that will depend on your faction.
- 6 renameable ranks (including leader)
- Faction safe that can be moved anywhere you want (you can put pot, cocaine, guns, ammunition and money)
- Free to rename group name (if you rename it, make sure you tell an admin first or it might lead to your faction's removal)
- 6 free skins for your members to use (they're not limited to use them only, they'll just be there so they can use them for free or to coordinate them when needed)
- Up to 5 faction vehicles (you'll have to pay for each)

Copy the form's code below and fill it up then send it to me through PM. I will reply to you as soon as I can.


[Personal Information] - about YOU, not your character
Languages spoken:

[RP Information] - your experience with roleplay
How long have you been RPing in SA-MP:
Name your last 3 servers and your names on them:
In your own words, define RP:

[Faction Information] - the faction you're applying for
Faction name:
Faction background in more than 3 sentences:
Interior you want, must be related to your faction:
6 skin IDs for your faction:
5 or more members who you already have recruited:

If your application is approved, a senior admin and above will setup your faction. To buy faction vehicles, you have to contact a senior admin as well.

1 - Joshua_Porter's "Southern Smoke"
2 - Carlo_Rizzo's "La Eme"
3 - Open Slot
4 - Open Slot
5 - Open Slot
6 - Open Slot

* = Take note that the roster above only displays the leader and faction's name upon registration. Their leader and name can change at any time.

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