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[LVPD] Chief of Police
Commands List
Credits go to Frank.

Green = General Commands
Orange = Animation Commands
Violet = Other Commands

General Commands:
  • /Changepass - Changes your account password, used only in game or by lead admins.
  • /Me – Is an action which your character is doing, E.G
  • /Me places his hand into his pocket grabbing some coins.
  • /Do - Is a descriptive command which is used to describe the looks or responses, E.G /Do I have a green rag wrapped around my face or /Do What do I see.
  • /Attempt - Used for attempting an action which has a random outcome such as /Me punches you in the face trying to knock you down then I’d use /Attempt.
  • /Pm - Used to send private messages from player to player.
  • /Playerwarns - Used to display the amount of warnings that player has received from admins.
  • /Admins - Used to see or find the name of online admins.
  • /Joinevent - The command used to join an admins OOC hosted event.
  • /O - Is the general server OOC chat which is normally disabled.
  • /Accent - The command used to set the origin from which your player came being their accent.
  • /Maskon/off - Places a mask over your face changing all text to “Stranger” instead of your real name, it’s used by buying rags from a 24/7.
  • /Blindfold - Used to blindfold and cover another players eyes.
  • /Togwt - Used to hide the text given out on your walkie-talkie channel.
  • /Buyhouse - Used when buying a property stood at the green house object.
  • /Buybusiness - Used when buying a commercial property when stood outside next to the info icon.
  • /B - Used when talking OOC’ly in immediate area around you.
  • /Approve - Used for accepting a group invite, cop ticket, handshake, Heal request, guard request and divorce request.
  • /Pay - Used when paying another player a sum of money.
  • /Low - Used when you want to talk in a low tone so others nearby can’t hear your voice.
  • /Dropcar - Used when you’ve stolen a car and then take it to the drop off point where you would be paid a sum of money for the car.
  • /Fish - Used when at the fishing docks to begin fishing for fish.
  • /Boatfish - The same as /fish but this time from a boat, you must firstly own a fish to be able to use
  • /boatfish.
  • /Sellfish - Used in any 24/7 store to sell your fish that you have collected.
  • /Give - Used when giving an object or an item to someone E.G pot, cocaine, rags, rope materials, gun licenses.
  • /whisper - Used for talking extremely low only those who are next to you are able to hear.
  • /Eject - Used when you want to get someone out of your car, there has to be at least one line of role play such as /me pushes Frank out of the open door before you use it.
  • /Unblindfold - Used to remove a placed blindfold on someone’s head.
  • /Toggleradio - Used for factions like EMS/PD/Gov so they can hide the radio chatter if they are not on duty or in the middle of role-play.
  • /Tie - Used to tie somebody up so they are unable to move.
  • /Untie - Used to remove the thing you used to tie someone up with.
  • /Drop - Used when wanting to drop all weapons materials or drugs.
  • /Usefightstyle - Used to change the fight style which you may have already purchased from a gym.
  • /Togooc - Used to hide the OOC chat IF its turned on.
  • /Flipcoin - This removes a coin from your total cash amount and then gives you a random outcome.
  • /Buyid - This is used to buy ID for your player at the city hall.
  • /Showid - Used to show the ID you bought to anyone you want to.
  • /Showlic - Used to show the person you want the licenses which you have.
  • /Doorshout - Used to shout inside the building from the exterior and vice versa.
  • /Knock - Used to knock on someone’s door.
  • /Answerq - Used to answer a question/quiz which has been started by an admin.
  • /Togspeedo - Used to hide the speed and info tab which is displayed whilst inside a car.
  • /Lotto - This is used whilst inside a 24/7 store to buy a lotto ticket.
  • /Drag - Used to pull someone who is either cuffed or tied up.
  • /Stopdrag - Used to stop dragging the person you was.
  • /Togquizes - Used to hide the text displayed by the admin hosted quiz/question.
  • /Stats - Shows all the info regarding your player like playing hours cash in hand/bank vehicles currently owned etc.
  • /Giveweapon - Used to give another player a weapon which you have in your inventory.
  • /Achievements - Used to show how close you are to the server achievements such as 200 /me usages etc.
  • /Getid - Used to get the ID of a player by usage of name.
  • /Calculate - Used mainly by PD it is like any other calculator that adds and subtracts.
  • /Togradio - To disable or enable your radio.

Animation Commands:
  • /Dance - Used to make your person dance, there are various different numbers to use so pick the one you prefer.
  • /Reload - Makes your character do a reload animation either number one or two.
  • /Crossarms - Crosses your characters arms as he leans back slightly.
  • /Piss - Places your character into a urinating position.
  • /Handsup - Places your characters hands in the air adjacent to his head.
  • /Crack - Places your character on the floor like he/she is fitting.
  • /Sit - Makes a sitting motion as if seated on a seat.
  • /Gsit - Sits your character on the floor.
  • /Fallback - Places your character on his chest hugging the floor.
  • /Rap - Chooses an animation for you character which resembles a rapping stance/movement, there are a few numbers to choose from.
  • /Pedmove - Makes your character move using one of the pedestrian animations.
  • /Robman - Places your characters arm up aiming towards the person directly in front.
  • /Stopanim - Stops which ever animation your character is currently doing.
  • /Bomb - Places your character into a “bomb setting” position on his knees.
  • /Vomit - Makes your character keel over then looks around covering the mouth finally being sick.
  • /Wave - Makes a waving motion with one hand.
  • /Deal - Places your character into a stereotypical drug dealer stance moving his/her hand slowly forward.
  • /Chat - Moves your characters hands as if you were talking with hand motions too.
  • /Spank - Spanks the players backside who is adjacent to you.
  • /Middlefinger - Places your characters middle finger up aiming forwards.
  • /Laugh - Creates a laughing posture for your character.
  • /Bar - Places your character in a typical leaning position as many would on the bar, there are various choices.
  • /Hide - Makes your character go into a squatting motion placing his hands over his head.
  • /Masturbate - The command explains itself.
  • /Shakehand - Used to shake hands with another player.

Other Commands:


  • /Bwithdraw - Used to withdraw money from your bank account.
  • /Bdeposit - Used to deposit money into your bank account.
  • /Wiretransfer - Used to send cash to an online player directly into the bank account.
  • /Givecheck - Used to give a check to someone so they can later use /redeemcheck.
  • /Redeemcheck - Used to cash in a check which you have been given.


  • /Buyvault - Used to purchase a vault for your house so your able to store cash inside.
  • /Hbalance - Used to check the balance of drugs and money stored in your house.
  • /Home - Places a checkpoint which is the location of your house.
  • /Hwithdraw - Used to withdraw cash or drugs from your bank account.
  • /Hlistweapons - Used to see a list of the weapons which you've placed in your house. *Max of 3*
  • /Hstoreweapon - Used to place a weapon of your choice in your house.
  • /Hgetweapon - Used to withdraw a weapon that you have stored inside your house.
  • /Hdeposit - Used to place money or drgs in your house vault.
  • /Lockhouse - Used to lock your front door whilst stood outside it.
  • /Changeclothes - Used to change the clothing (skin) that you are currently wearing, you have a choice out of the three which you've purchased already from a clothes shop.
  • /Abandonhouse - Pointless command but used to leave your house LOOSING ALL THE MONEY YOU PAID !


  • /Abandoncar - Used to destroy the car of you choice for EVER, you will NEVER be able to get it back and LOOSE all the cash you paid for it.
  • /Lock - Used to lock your car whilst next to it.
  • /Givecar - Used to give your car to someone as a present or after a sale.
  • /Unmodcar - Used to remove all mods which are on the car.
  • /Parkcar - Used to choose the spawn place of the car.
  • /Ocarcolor - Used to change the color of the car.
  • /Callcar - Used to location your car, it places a red dot on your mini-map.
  • /Buyvehicle - Used whilst inside the dealership when buying a car.
  • /Refuel - Used when next to or inside a gas station to fill your gas tank.
  • /Engine on/off - Used to turn the car on or off whilst inside.


    /Txt - Used to send a text/SMS message to another online player.
    /Call - Used to call another player using their number.
    /Getnumber - Used to get the number of a player.
    /Phone - Brings up a text box in which you can use the apps or top up your card.
    /Hangup - Used to hang up the phone when you've finished your call.


    /Wt - The command used to talk on the set frequency.
    /Setfrequency - The command used to choose the frequency in which your Walkie-Talkie is set to.

Notes Section

**If any commands you know of are bugged or wrong please let me know either by a post or PM.**

**This list will be updated as new updates and additions for the server are released.**

**If any of you are confused about anything be it in game stuff or on here let me know I'll help you out.**



Please move it, totally useful.


Frank wrote:
  • /Masturbate - The command explains itself.


0wusu wrote:
Frank wrote:
  • /Masturbate - The command explains itself.

Holy shit, I didn't even see that! Rofl!

/day maker


[LVPD] Chief of Police
Don't mean to seem like a mood-killer but this thread is meant for viewing purposes only, it wasn't intended for a discussion thread so can we keep comments to a minimum.

100th post WOOP.

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Frank wrote:100th post WOOP.

Way to totally ruin your whole point.

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