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LVT On and Off duty Information

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1LVT On and Off duty Information Empty LVT On and Off duty Information Thu Oct 14, 2010 8:09 pm

Peter Collins

[LVT] Manager

Rules within LVT


1| While off duty no faction vehicle(s) may be used to transport yourself around. Anyone found doing this will receive a deduction from there pay check
2| While off duty you can still use the LVT transport but you will be charged only 50% of the standard price

Start of Duty

At the start of your duty you must do the following:

1| Report to the LVT HQ and Clock in
2| You will be assigned a car which you must use throughout your shift.

OR = On Route
POB = Passenger on Board
CLR = Clear
BSY = Busy

Pick Ups

1| You will be called out via you Taxi Number to respond to calls and told the price of the trip.
2| On Arrival you must receive the payment before transporting the customer
3| After Pick up is made you Must announce Passenger On Board (POB)
4| once reaching destination you must then let the operator/dispatch you are clear (CLR) of passenger once they leave the taxi
5| After you are Clear (CLR) you will head to the Las Venturas airport and wait until you next call.

Please remember before contacting dispatch / operator you must state your taxi number

End of Shift

1| You must return to the HQ with your vehicle
2| Report any damages during your shift ( Vehicles destroyed will result in the driver being suspended for a day and will lose one days pay)
3| You MUST Hand over any money made during your time at work ( Be advise all booking prices will be logged so all money transactions are tracked )
4| Clock Out and receive your pay check and next Shift roster

Pay Checks

All pay checks are paid either Daily or weekly and everyone wage is worked out fairly so you all receive a percentage of the daily takings, For example if we make 10,000 in one day and we have 4 taxi drivers all 4 drivers will receive 5% of it which is 500
Remember the more you make, The better your pay


It is idea that you have a phone on you at all times as you maybe contacted to come in and cover or help the
LVT out.

** Rules Maybe Added and are subject to change ** **14/10/10 12:08 GMT**

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