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Server Features

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Time-worthy Tutorial
Our tutorial system contradicts the boring and usually skipped tutorial systems of other RP servers. The first time you login in the server, you will be asked if you want to go through our tutorial. Our tutorial is not built up with the typical long paragraphs. Instead, it explains things short but sharp in an effort to help new RPers to also learn and the experienced one to review what they should know before embarking on a journey on LV:RP.

Everything is Dynamic
The server can be updated without having to be restarted. Departments, gangs, families, businesses, houses, jobs and much, much more are all dynamic. The staff can add suggestions on sight if they are pretty reasonable and have been discussed earlier on without having to script in a few hours of work just to get one business up. Here, we keep things simple and fast.

Realistic economy
We try to keep the economy here as close as real life. Why? So you get the full realism experience when you buy a car, you don't buy a 2-door luxury car the price of a house-n-lot. We base the prices in their real-life counterparts.

Flexible Vehicle System
There are three types of vehicles. One, faction vehicles which are only used by the people in the faction they support. Two, public vehicles which are easily accessible by anyone who lay their hands on them. Three, personal vehicles which can be bought through our state-of-the-art vehicle dealership. Our vehicle dealership system lists almost all of the vehicles based on the lowest price up to the highest price. There are also seasonal vehicles which are only released from time-to-time to keep everyone's eye out on the dealership and so there are going to be rare vehicles which can be sold for higher prices due to lower stocks and higher demands.

Custom Mapped Areas
There are a lot of places in LV:RP that are customized to fit the roleplay situations around the server. Not a lot of them stand out but they sure are noticeable.

Over 100 Houses and 30 Businesses
And we're not stopping there! The staff team is constantly adding more and more residences and businesses to be owned by players so they are eligible to choose which ones they really want. Do you want a high-class penthouse in the middle of the city or a middle-class rent-to-own house? It's all up to the choices that you make.

Manual Vehicle Lights
Ever hate how you have to get mods just to reconfigure your vehicle lights? On LV:RP, you get to do it without installing any mods. Just press "sub-mission" button and you can turn on/off your lights. Press "turn left" or "turn right" to turn on your signal lights/blinkers.

Neighborhood System
Whenever there are 2 or more houses in an area, it's going to be considered as a neighborhood and there is going to be a green house icon in the map to indicate that it is. Neighborhoods tend to have close price ranges for their houses and related house interiors.

VIP Benefits
Anyone can get VIP if they participate in our monthly subscription. We do not force everyone to be VIP but we do encourage it since every little cent keeps the server alive and running. The VIPs get special vehicles and can even buy seasonal vehicles anytime they want for incredibly lower prices. They get extra money in-game every complete subscription they do for VIP. They can even get aircrafts, which are not available for public, for the cheapest prices and sell them to non-VIPs for any price they want! There is a complete list of all the benefits, these are just previews.

Technical Factions
Factions are run more appropriately and smoothly. Gangs are not supposed to have stretches and helicopters in their HQs and families are not supposed to have tanks and FBI ranchers. Factions, official and unofficial, gets a proper HQ, a vault where they can store money, drugs, guns and materials, faction vehicles, dynamic ranking system (the leader can rename ranks anytime) and easy-to-use interface!

System Overhaul
There are guaranteed 50+ more unique commands than you have ever seen. They range from RP-related commands to account-related commands to help make your gaming experience in LV:RP more easier and time-saving.

Lots for you to explore
There are a lot of things in LV:RP that even 1 page front-and-back isn't enough. It is up to you to explore LV:RP. After-all, it is more exciting that way.

LV:RP Owner,

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