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Server Rules

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:: Server Rules ::

Any form of breaking these rules, partial or fully, are subject to punishments ranging from the severity of the crime.

  1. Do not metagame.
  2. Do not powergame.
  3. Do not deathmatch. Killing is alright as long as it is part of your roleplay or has sense into it.
  4. Whenever you are online, you are always in-character. The only exceptions are OOC places such as admin HQ and admin jail.
  5. Do not revenge kill. If you get fatally wounded ("killed"), you automatically lose 30 minutes of memory and all memories of the events that lead to your demise.
  6. Do not bunnyhop.
  7. Do not heal during fights.
  8. Do not steal occupied vehicles without proper roleplay. There must be at least 1 line of /me in order to validly steal an occupied vehicle.
  9. Speak only in English while IC. Other languages are only allowed in /b.
  10. Do not verbally harass other people in OOC chat.
  11. Drive-by shooting is not allowed if you're a driver. Exceptions are cops that are alone and vehicle passengers.
  12. Do not AFK/idle/alt-tab for more than 30 minutes.
  13. Do not directly PM an admin unless talked to. Use /report to request a chat with an admin.
  14. Sexual acts are prohibited unless both parties agreed with it in OOC.
  15. Quitting and/or alt-tabbing to prevent consequences such as death, arrest and etc. are not allowed.
  16. OOC scamming/robbing is not allowed. IC scamming/robbing is allowed as long as it is roleplayed and not more than $10,000 in a robbery and $100,000 in a scam.
  17. Provoking cops solely for a chase without valid reasons is not allowed as it is non-RP.
  18. Pulling out hand-held weapons do not need /me roleplay. Pulling out two-handed/heavy weapons need /me roleplay.

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